Lost that little bitty washer?

Join the club.  I spent half an hour one day dragging a speaker magnet around the ground.  I did find the washer, but many folks are stuck buying a rebuild kit, or ordering the screw itself (plus shipping) to get the little washer.  So, I hunted around and found a source, and I price them at half a buck, sold in pairs.  For a measly dollar, plus shipping,  you're off the hook.

I should probably carry brownie pans too; I can't recommend them strongly enough.  They can save untold hours of grief.

Anyway, they can be ordered here:  ($1.33 per pair including Paypal fees;  or $1 flat if you send me a SASE).

DISCLAIMER:  I have to toss this in because -- well, you wouldn't BELIEVE some of the people who stagger through here.  So:  These are WASHERS.  That means they're made of METAL.  These are NOT O-RINGS.  OK?  See the washer in the picture, to the right of the O-ring?  That's what you're getting.  Thanks for your patience.

Air screw components exploded

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