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Before you do anything else:

Make sure your Paypal mailing address is correct! 

I will ship to the exact address Paypal sends me.  If it's the wrong address, your order will arrive promptly -- at someone else's home.  And it happens.  If your address is wrong, or has changed, fix it within Paypal before ordering.

Shipping:   I ship USPS First Class Parcel, and I charge a flat $2.60, no matter the size of the order.  You'll be charged for this during Paypal checkout.  You can also opt for USPS Priority Shipping, which will cost you $5.75, again available during checkout.  Either way, you get a tracking number, and your order will be shipped in a padded envelope.  

Outside of the US, I ship in a plain white envelope for $1.20 -- but I can't ship fasteners outside the US anymore.

3)  Watch your email.  You SHOULD be contacted within two days, usually earlier. If you don't hear from me by then, maybe something went wrong; check your spam filter and then email me directly.  Don't wait.   Don't worry about seeming impatient

Canadian customers:   I won't ship fasteners to Canada for now.  

Note that prices include Paypal fees.  If you're paying by mail, just add up the pre-Paypal amounts.

CV Carburetor O-ring kits

Partial CV kit for twins (no fuel or vent O-rings included)

VM Carburetor O-ring kits $18.85

Viton intake O-rings (set of four)

(This is the most common source of order errors.  
If you're unsure what size you need, just leave me a message with your year & model.)

Select your intake O-ring size:

Stainless steel fasteners w/ matching washers, set of 8 (for intake boots).


NEW! Some new fastener and washer styles Here. Leave a message with your selection.

Select fastener size: