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There isn't a single brand of carburetor rebuild kit that I can recommend.
(saves us both some typing...)

About the most useful link I have so far is the root of all GS:  The GS Resources website

Very good part number research site & parts source = Flatout

Z1 Enterprises-- parts & tools for vintage Japanese bikes.

Realgaskets -- semi-permanent valve cover & breather gaskets for GS and other bikes.

CRC2 (Cycle-Recycle) -- good source of bowl gaskets & other carb parts

Ames JIS screwdrivers

The GS Resources member BWringer has set up a couple of really sharp instructional web pages.  I hope this doesn't burn up his bandwidth too badly:

Another usual suspect in the parts search lineup, BikeBandit

And one other usual suspect:  RonAyers

=  diagram for the VM's, and some parts

= replacement fuel tubes.  Shamefully expensive solution for deteriorated rubberized fuel tubes.

Update:  Z1 has much better prices on the fuel tubes:  Z1's fuel tubes

Old Bike Barn = more parts

Motorcycle street survival tips


Instructional links

There's a GSR regular named BassCliff who has become so prolific with instructional  pictorials that I've quit posting separate links.  I just can't keep up.  Instead, just use this one:   BassCliff's Website

If you need it, here's a ZIP file of John Bloemer's carb cleanup series.  It's about 3.5 MB.  Right click on the link, select Save As, and away you go.  Carb cleanup series -- BS carbs

For VM carbs, there's a PDF.  You can download it here, same way:  VM Rebuild pictorial

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